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The art of Networking at exhibitions

Trade Fairs and exhibitions are an excellent way to not only find what you need to meet the needs of your business under one roof but to network and build relationships with the right suppliers and contacts. Sometimes, an exhibition can be an overwhelming experience if you don’t know where to start or who to meet. We have put together some handy tips which will aid you when visiting the China Homelife Fair and China Machinex to conduct business.


  1. Do your homework

As a buyer or a small business owner, you know which products you would like to source when visiting sourcing fairs, but do you know your suppliers? It is advisable to spend some time, prior to the show, investigating the suppliers you would like to meet, the type pf service they provide and the quality of the products they offer. This equips you in achieving success when visiting the actual show. Spend some time on the show’s website, going through their list of exhibitors and pre-schedule meetings to ensure efficiency onsite.


  1. Network with the right suppliers and industry manufacturers

Before attending the show, have a look at the show’s floorplan, know where the right suppliers for your product needs. Avoid roaming the halls, and make a beeline for the right section. As you have done your homework prior to attending, you will know who to visit.


  1. Bring along your business cards

Don’t forget to bring with, an ample amount of business cards to hand out to potential suppliers and other individuals you may engage with at the exhibition. As all of the suppliers are based in China, it is a simple way to ensure that they have the right details.


  1. Be aware of the language barriers

Language barriers can often cause confusion and hinder business negotiations. Be prepared for the inevitable, and ensure that you make use of the complimentary Mandarin translators who are there to assist you with your business needs.


  1. Use the tools available to you

Technology is your friend and so are the event organisers. Make use of the exhibition’s interactive website, find out if you can become part of the hosted buyers programme, organise meetings at the onsite Match-Making area, arrange meetings with suppliers prior to the exhibition and chat to the information desk upon arrival.


China Homelife Fair and co-located China Machinex, taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre from 31 August to 2 September 2017, are the most effective sourcing platforms for buyers seeking to do business with leading Chinese companies and manufacturers and equally so for the Chinese manufacturers to showcase their diverse array of quality products to the Southern African buyers. Entrance is free and buyers can pre-register in advance via / Doors open 10am daily!

2 halls, 3 days, 450 exhibitors!

We look forward to seeing you there.

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The art of negotiating with China

China is the leading country to do import business with, and plays an integral part in boosting the country’s economy. However, it is sometimes difficult to conduct business across the seas, when two different languages are spoken and cultures are different i.e. the art of doing business with China can have its challenges. The Chinese have a unique way of handling business affairs, and therefore, we have put together some tips for those wanting to grow their relationship with Chinese manufactures and suppliers.


  1. Make use of a translator

The language barrier can create problems when trying to communicate business deals and transactions. Miscommunication can often lead both suppliers and buyers into a frustrated business deal. Making use of a Mandarin translator will allow for success and to-the-point business negotiation, eliminating miscommunication.


  1. Find a platform which specifically caters to doing business with China

A business-to-business exhibition and trade show is an ideal platform to do business with China as it caters to both the needs of the supplier and buyer. It is a strategic platform, specifically designed to ensure business between the two countries is favourable and profitable. Apart from onsite Mandarin translators, an exhibition like this will help you find the right supplier and the best quality products to suit your business’s needs.


  1. Formalise the agenda

Before meeting with a potential Chinese business partner and supplier, put together a strict, timed and formal business agenda. Highlight integral discussion points and what you would like to achieve from the meeting. An agenda helps eliminate miscommunication and lengthy discussions as well as helps to combat time wasting.


  1. Make short-term agreements

When entering into a business agreement with a Chinese business partner, rather focus on your short-term business goals as opposed to entering into a long-term business relationship. With the ever-changing economy and fluctuating demand for suppliers, it is best to avoid lengthy contracts and agreements.


  1. Find middle ground

The way in which business is conducted by the Chinese is unique, and seen as an investment to them, even if they are only selling you a product. They like to steer the ship and get involved beyond the simple transaction of doing direct business. Find middle ground when negotiating and ensure you both get the best out of the deal.

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